Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Independent, non-brokerage
realty research company
Dec 1998

Launch of Liases Foras

Dec 2001

Over 60 projects rated in MMR, the highest number of ratings by any agency at the time

Jan 2003

First comprehensive data collection and base map creation of MMR real estate market

Dec 2006

Started collecting real estate data in eight cities for HDFC Ltd.

Aug 2007

Launched India's First Real Estate Index, Ressex for MMR

Dec 2007

Propounded the Magnet Theory of Future Price Projections

Nov 2009

Launched Ressex for six cities

Oct 2010

Received the First Government Assignment - Advisory to MHADA

Sep 2011

Expanded data coverage to 25 cities with the addition of 17 Tier II Cities

April 2012

Became CNBC Aawaz's research partner for Real Estate Awards

Sep 2013

Created the Developer Rating Product

July 2014

Decoded the science of real estate price through a multivariate equation integrating distance, density, surrounding and products that predicts the price of a city.

July 2015

DMG invested in Liases Foras

The Edge

The Edge

Analytics based on profound scientific prognosis. Liases Foras has, for almost two decades, lived in the pursuit of unearthing the mystery behind the price of property. Our strengths...




We pioneered the science of leveraging frontier-line self-generated Realty Research to see beyond market 'sentiment', and unravel many mysteries.


data & coverage

Data & Coverage

Liases Foras has a geographical coverage of more than 44,000 projects all over India. As of today, we monitor more than 17,000 ongoing projects every quarter spanning 48+ cities in India...