Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Independent, non-brokerage
realty research company

Liases Foras offers transparent, scientific, data-driven and unbiased valuation solutions.

We assess the market viability of the products and development mix and carry out a detailed financial analysis to ascertain the best use of the project.

Valuation Report

The Valuation Report gives comparable transactions which would have taken place in the last six months; expected rental values and rental yield, which would help bankers check the probability of correction in prices; and stringent process of validation.

Liases Foras provides Products and Advisory Valuation Services:

Valuation Advisory

  • Land Valuation
  • Project Valuation – Diversified asset classes
  • Housing loan valuations
  • Property valuations
  • Rental Assessments

Valuation Product

  • Comparables
    One of its kind, Comparables is a unique web-based valuation validation tool. It helps Banks, HFCs and NBFCs to revalidate the valuation given by external agencies, thus mitigating the risk in the system.
Independent & Unbiased

Non-Brokerage Real Estate Research Centric organization

Pioneer in scientific research in real estate

best practices

RICS Certified Valuers

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Data & Coverage

Monitoring more than 18,000 projects spanning

55+ Urban Agglomerations all India

80 Billion sqft of Residential, Commercial and Retail Supply updated on a Quarterly basis

The Edge over others - Discovered the science of price and valuation

a. Urban Price Setting – Simulation Model of assessing the price of the property

Our proprietary Urban Price Setting Theory (patent applied) is a simulation model that provides accurate market valuation of any property (old, new, good or bad) in any city.

Our work in decoding the science of price of a property is aimed at bringing transparency in the area of property prices and valuation. The theory deliberates that any urban centre maintains a specific price setting at any point of time. The integration of four fundamental factors such as distance, density, surroundings and product determines the specific price of a property at any given point of time.

Urban Price Setting – Simulation Model of assessing the price of the property

b. Magnet Theory of Future Price Projections

We also developed the Magnet Theory of future forecasting model of locality development and price behaviours. The theory deliberates that real estate rates are a function of economic densities of demographics.

Magnet Theory of Future Price Projections

c. Sales Velocity, the missing Dimension in real estate valuation

Property can be sold at any price, but the time it will take to sell has a bearing on the valuation.

We also brought sales velocity as the missing dimension of real estate valuation, especially in the DCF (discounted cash flow) method. Integrating the sales velocity along with prices helps in overcoming high valuation due to irrational increase in prices

Economic Density

High Price need not mean high valuation. Higher price sells slower. So, Sales Gestation is longer